HR360 Recruitment Service is designed to support and develop a foundation for Talent Management System and continuously nurture the Human Capital.

Recruitment is a main source of Human Capital hence provides groundwork for future development of organization. The range of tangible and intangible functions within HR or Operations is to increase productivity, enhance profitability, improve employee engagement which is no possible if a recruitment process do not feed the requirement.

"Recruitment is more than a contract; it is a seedling that Grows to be the fruit of future; What seed would you like to plant."

The Recruitment Process we offer is a clutch of growth for organization. The process is a combination of modern technology and modern management system that delivers you an excellent service.

Screening Candidates

Candidates screening and background checks are carried out by HR360 information can be fed live to our clients.

Competency Based Interview

Pre-Interview is carried out on the basis of Competency requirement set by Job Position and Clients. At any stage if clients require assistance, HR360 is available to support with Competency Development Platforms.

Trade Test (For Technical Candidates)

Trade tests are carried out after candidates pass Screening and Interview Process. HR360 has a range of Industries as business partners and associates to provide high-end services.

HR360 commits a continuous support to our Clients. In order to achieve performance excellence and client's continuous development, we provide technological support that comprises business intelligence and big data to manage and monitor Pre-boarding, Onboarding, Probation Monitoring and Entry Interview.

What We Do

HR 360 is an emerging organization with an ethos of being self-reliant on its own Service Innovation and integration aiming at sound, stable and balanced service to our Clients. In order to achieve this HR 360 has distilled a set of core values as a form of guiding philosophy for the company and its Clients.


Recruitment Consultancy

Skills Training